10 fastest electric skateboards in the world

10 Fastest Electric Skateboards in the World

In recent years, electric skateboards innovation has advanced to the level you can now use them as you would a moped. They make traveling fun, convenient, and time-saving. And if you prefer traveling by skateboard instead of traveling by car, here are the top 10 fastest electric skateboards in the market currently.

  1. Next Board by NGV


  • Deck build – High-Grade Custom Moulded Carbon Fiber
  • Max speed – 68 mph
  • Max range – 10 Miles With One 9000 Mah 6s Battery and 20 Miles With 2 9000 Mah 6s Batteries
  • Motor – 4x NGV 2000W 180kv BLDC In-Wheel Motors
  • Load capacity – 140 kgs


This skateboard features a streamlined deck that only weighs 7kgs with the battery included. It has average speed of 17 miles per hour. And it can reach a top speed of 22mph using 4s batteries, 35mph using 6s batteries, 47mph using 8s batteries, and 68mph using 12s batteries.

The skateboard can go up a sloping incline by more than 25% at an average speed of 15 mph with a rider weighing up to 100kg. This legendary skateboard was used by one of the top skateboarders in the world to set a Guinness world record.

The skateboard deck measures 103 centimeters in length by 73 centimeters wide. It is made from high-quality carbon fiber and can work with a variety of batteries. The skateboard can be controlled remotely, and it can achieve a top speed in ten seconds.

  1. Carvon Evo 4Wd


  • Deck build – Carvon Evo 4Wd
  • Max speed – 50 mph
  • Max range – 25 Mile/ 40 Km
  • Motor – 4x V4 Speed Drive Motors
  • Load capacity – 275 Lb. or 125kg


A 12S5p Samsung 30Q battery pack powers the Kickstarter electric skateboard. It features a high-quality Landyachtz Evo deck that can handle a maximum weight of 275 pounds. The skateboard also features V4 SpeedDrive motors integrated into each wheel for a more direct drive.  The skateboard can be used for up to 25 miles without needing to be recharged. The skateboard can also achieve a top speed of 50 mph. This is an upgraded version of the Carvon Evo electric skateboard.

  1. Carvon Evo


  • Deck build – Ladyachtz Evo Deck
  • Max speed – 40 mph
  • Max range – 25 miles or 4o km
  • Motor – 5000 W V4 SpeedDrive Dual Direct Drive Motors
  • Load capacity – 250 Lb Or 113 Kg


This skateboard can reach a maximum range of 25 miles or 40 kilometers on a full 12S3p Samsung 30Q Battery Pack charge. It has a maximum speed of 40 mph and can scale slopes with gradients of up to 15%.

The skateboard features a Landyachtz Evo deck with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. It also features 5000w V4 Direct drive powerful motors.

  1. Baja Board G4x


  • Deck build – Maple Composite Deck
  • Max speed – 37 mph
  • Max range – 20 miles
  • Motor – 4 – 63mm Brushless Belt Drive Motors
  • Load capacity – 240 pounds


The Baja board features a maple wood composite deck that measures 50″ X 19.5″ X 11″.  It has a maximum load capacity of 240 pounds, and it can reach a range of 20 miles on a full charge depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain.

The board also features four motors attached on each wheel, regenerative braking, pneumatic 10″ diameter tires, alloy independent double-wishbone suspension system, and shock absorbers. It is powered using 900 Wh Li-Ion Batteries with an average charge time of 2.5 hours.

The skateboard can climb a hill with a gradient of up to 45%.

  1. BajaBoard G4


  • Deck build – Maple Composite Deck
  • Max speed – 31 mph
  • Max range – 15​​Miles using 600wh Battery and 20 Miles using 900 Wh Battery
  • Motor – 2 ​​X 63mm Brushless Belt Drive Motors, Rear Wheels
  • Load capacity – 240 pounds


This bard can reach a maximum speed of 31 mph. It features a maple wood composite deck measuring 50″ X 19.5″ X 11″. Its maximum load capacity is 240 pounds, and it can be powered either using 600 Wh or ​​900 Wh Li-Ion batteries.

The standard charge time is 2.5 hours for 900 Wh Battery and 2 hours for 600 Wh battery. The board can climb hills with a gradient of up to 35%.

The board also features optional Lights, all-wheel regenerative braking, pneumatic 10″ diameter tires, alloy independent double-wishbone suspension system, and shock absorbers.

The electric skateboard has dual brushless belt-drive motors that are integrated into the rear wheels.

  1. Enertion Raptor 2


  • Deck build – Canadian Maple Deck
  • Max speed – 30.5 mph
  • Max range – 9 Miles / 40 Km
  • Motor – 4x Direct Drive In-wheel Hub Motors
  • Load capacity – 220 pounds


This lightweight skateboard only weighs 10 kilograms or 22-pounds. It can reach a maximum speed of 30.5 mph or 49 kph. It is powered using 432Wh battery, and it can climb hills with a gradient of up to 30%.

The skateboard is water-resistant, and it comes with a 1-year instant part replacement warranty. The skateboard deck comes with high-quality grip tape.

  1. Fiik Spine


  • Deck build – Longboard Style Deck With Specially Engineered Carbon Flex
  • Max speed – 28 mph
  • Max range – 25 Km
  • Motor – 2 X Brushless Outrunner Motors with Custom Windings
  • Load capacity – 220 pounds


The Fiik Spine skateboard only weighs 8 kilograms. It is powered by a 9-Cell 33V 7ah high cycle life lithium-polymer (LiFePo4) battery. The battery is custom-designed with articulated segments that flex with the board.

The deck has a maximum load capacity of 100 kilograms or 220 pounds, and it has dual brushless outrunner motors with custom windings that helps in fast acceleration and provide extra torque.

  1. XTND Board Dual


  • Deck build – Light Weight Carbon Fiber Deck
  • Max speed – 28 mph or 45 kph
  • Max range – 6.2 miles with small battery -12.5 miles with medium battery pack
  • Motor – 2 X Custom Made In-wheel Motors
  • Load capacity – 220 pounds/ 100 kgs


This board measures 10.8 ​​pounds and is powered by two battery options not included in the package. It can climb hills with a gradient of up to 25%.

The board’s lights automatically turn on in the dark, which looks very cool in low light. Its deck is custom made with carbon fiber using anti-slip technology. And its wheels are powered with dual custom made motors with excellent torque and regenerative braking.

  1. Evolve GT/gtx


  • Deck build – 40″ Custom Moulded Carbon Fiber & Kevlar
  • Max speed – 26mph or 36Kmh
  • Max range – 28 miles
  • Motor – 3000 Watt
  • Load capacity – 220lbs/100 Kg


This board is powered using 36 Volt 10ah Lithium Ion with custom BMS. The battery charging time is five hours. The board comes with a 12-month warranty. It features Black Evolve GT 83mm 76A Wheels the skateboard is also available in a terrain option.

  1. Marbel 2.0


  • Deck build – Carbon Fiber Composite
  • Max speed -26 mph
  • Max range – 16 miles on ECO mode and 10 miles on SPORT Mode
  • Motor – Twin 63mm Belt Driven Motors
  • Load capacity


This board weighs 12.85lb and has a top speed of 26 mph. It is powered using a lithium-ion battery system. It features dual motors with a belt-driven system. The board is remote controlled using Bluetooth connection with an extended range of connectivity. The skateboard has two riding modes for maximum customizable riding experience.



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