Skateboarding is perfect for anyone who loves the adrenaline rush you get from moving from one place to another at speeds higher than walking. Without the aerobic strain associated with running. However, due to the fast speeds, you need to be sure your laces do not come undone as you skate.

Lacing skateboard shoes is an art form. The way you lace your skateboard shoes determines your level of control, balance, and comfort—all critical factors when riding your skateboard. You also need properly tied skateboard shoelaces to avoid tripping. Not to forget the aesthetic of exquisitely laced shoes. Proper lacing also protects the laces giving them a prolonged lifeline.

That said, here are four cool ways to lace your skateboard shoes.

How To Lace Skateboard Shoe

The Crisscross

criss cross lacingThe crisscross method entails crossing the lace over each other to form an ‘X’ pattern. Start at the bottom of the shoe, and insert the lace into the eyelets. Insert the lace into opposite eyelets in a sequence. Do this with each end of the lace until you get to the top. Align the lace, so you get equal lace lengths at the end.

Straight / Bar Lacingbar lacing

This is the conventional lacing technique used by most people. Insert the lace in the eyelets in a sewing pattern. It should form parallel lines. The stripes also look like bars hence the name bar lacing.

Zipper Lacingzipper lacing

This lacing method requires looping the lace at each eyelet to create a pattern similar to knitting. Start with a knot and pass the lace through it. Then twist the lace after inserting it in each hole. You also need to crisscross the lace to create a pattern that looks like a zipper.

Army Lacingarmy lacing

Start from the toe eyelet and insert the lace through two eyelets on one side at a time, then crisscross it and insert it on the opposite side and repeating the process. Do this with both ends of the lace and repeat. Until you have passed the lace through all the eyelets.

Make sure you use shoes designed for skateboarding to ensure you are comfortable while skateboarding. Failure to do so will result in accidents despite your lace tying skills. Also, use flat laces as they are better at staying in place compared to other laces. Always have backup laces in case your current laces brake or get frayed.