Do you wish to build your custom skateboard or replace the deck of your current skateboard? Then perhaps you should consider getting a blank skateboard deck as this will allow you to customize it as you see fit. You will also save money by buying a blank deck alone instead of buying a completely new skateboard because your existing skateboard’s deck is work out or broken.

A blank skateboard can also be used to create a new model skateboard that will make you the talk among your friends, especially if it has features that are different from all your pal’s skateboards. However, not every blank skateboard is worth a second glance. Here are the best blank skateboard decks in the market currently.

Top 5 Blank Skateboard Decks of 2021

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck
Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck - POP - Strength6 ply bamboo & maple hybrid
Bamboo Skateboards Mini Cruiser Blank Skateboard Deck6 ply bamboo and maple wood
NPET Blank Skateboard Decks7 plies Canadian Maple
Moose Blank Skateboard Deck7 ply Canadian Maple

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

This generic blank skateboard is one of the top blank skateboard replacements you can get in the market. It is made from quality wood that is durable and sustainably grown. It has been treated to extend its longevity and make it weatherproof as well as wear-proof especially after installing gripe tape.

The blank deck can fit on most skateboard bases making it an ideal replacement deck as well as a custom build skateboard deck. It is made from multiple plies of wood that are glued together using good quality glue to prevent it from cracking after usage. 


  • Treated wood
  • Multi-ply
  • Universal fit


  • Durable
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to use


  • It comes stained green

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck – POP – Strength

This deck is made from bamboo, which makes it lighter and stronger. Bamboo absorbs shock better, making it long-lasting. The deck is a six-ply bamboo and maple hybrid, which improves sustainability while maintaining strength. The raw materials are sourced from sustainable sources, making them eco-friendly.

The deck features a deep concave design that is perfect for all levels of skating from beginner to advanced. It is also available in multiple sizes.


  • Six ply bamboo and maple hybrid
  • Deep concave design
  • Multiple sizes


  • Strength
  • Lighter and more flexible
  • Sustainably sourced raw materials


  • Not ideal for skateboarding tricks

Bamboo Skateboards Mini Cruiser Blank Skateboard Deck

This eco-friendly skateboard deck is made from the highest quality bamboo resulting in longer-lasting durability and performance. It is built with six-ply bamboo and maple wood, which improves the board sustainability to become an ideal deck for any skill level and skating style. The pocket-friendly blank mini skateboard deck features a heavy-duty build for optimal performance.

It is sturdy to allow the user to have premium control while cruising and maneuvering hard turns that most decks cannot handle. It is also non-carbonized to retain its flexibility.


  • Six ply bamboo and maple wood
  • Non-carbonized
  • Natural finish


  • Durable
  • Optimal performance
  • Universal fit to most wheelbases


  • It is a tad too small

NPET Blank Skateboard Decks

NPET high-quality blank skateboard for art comes pre-drilled with holes spaced out 4 cm apart. It is made from 7 plies Canadian Maple, and it is unstained with its original wood finish. The deck has a double kick, concave shape shave, and it can hold a maximum load capacity of 200 kg. The skateboard comes on different widths to suit your needs and skating style.

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The deck is a perfect fit for most wheelbases, and it is ideal for every skill level, from beginner to pro.; it is a versatile skateboard deck that’s perfect for street, pool, park, and vert.


  • Holes spacing: 4 cm
  • Seven plies
  • Deck with a double kick
  • Concave shape
  • Max load capacity: 200 kg
  • 0″ Standard skateboard


  • Durable
  • Perfect for custom graffiti work
  • Design for competitive skating


  • It develops hairline cracks over time

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Moose blank skateboard decks are constructed with 100% Canadian maple. They are touted as being the industry standard for skateboard decks because of the strength and weight of the wood. The deck provides a light-weight feel that makes it airborne while retaining its strength. The deck is made using 7-ply wood bonded together with industrial strength glue. The deck has a concave design that gives it the flex it needs to prevent it from snapping.

The deck comes in multiple sizes ranging from 7.0″ to 8.75″ and a variety of colors. You can opt for a dipped or stained colorway deck.


  • 7-ply wooden deck
  • Concave deck design
  • Multiple sizes
  • Dipped and stained colorway options


  • Construction
  • Various sizes to choose from
  • Variety of Colors


  • The plies are not glued together properly

Who Makes The Best Blank Skateboard Deck?

It boils down to how you use your skateboard. People who use their skateboards for sport need a different deck design from those who use their skateboards for cruising or commuting. You may also have a different preference when it comes to the surface of the deck. Some people like a deep dish design while others prefer a flat deck surface. The key is to find a blank deck that is suitable for your tastes and preferences.

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Bottom Line

The best blank skateboard decks should be durable, easy to append to the existing skateboard base, weatherproof, be able to take a grip tape, and make maneuvering comfortable. Do your research and look at online reviews on various skateboard decks before settling for one.