Flat feet can feel like a life sentence when it comes to taking part in strenuous adrenaline rush inducing activities. But this does not have to be the case. With the right set of orthotics, you can be able to carry out a myriad of sporting activities such as running, hiking, and even skiing. All you need to do is find products, especially boots or shoes designed for people with flat feet.

Advancements in the orthopedic field have seen an increase of podiatrists design footwear that is exceptionally good for people with feet conditions. There are even innovative technologies used to design a heel that will enable people with conditions such as flat feet to remedy their conditions as they wear the shoes continuously. Here are the best ski boots for flat feet.

Tecnica Ten.2 70 HVL Ski Boots

Tecnica ski boots for overpronation are great for the true beginner to the intermediate skier with a wide forefoot and medium size leg shape. They feature a High Volume Last Liner that is thinner in the forefoot to provide you with the widest fit available in any ski boot.

The boot also features i-Rebound Construction that adds forward flex resistance, rearward support, and added rebound. The boots have a softer plastic injected across the top of the foot. That allows your foot to slide in and out of the boot easily. The boot’s UltraFit HVL Liner can be heated for extra comfort.


  • I-rebound Construction
  • Tecnica’s quick instep max
  • Ultrafit HVL liner


  • Wide forefoot
  • High volume last liner
  • Forward flex resistant
  • Easy to wear


  • Not suitable for wide feet

ALPINA R4 Rear Entry Ski Boots Black 27.5

The Alpina rear entry ski boots feature a 105mm wide forefoot area. They are designed for wide-footed skiers for optimal comfort and warmth. They have a 40 Flex Rating making them ideal for beginners and very casual cruiser skiers.

The boots also feature a true Rear entry shell design, a single ratchet-tightening buckle, and a massive rear opening.

They have extra thermal material in the toe box for added warmth. The boots also have replaceable Toe and Heel Pads.


  • 40 flex rating
  • Alpina sizing
  • Rear entry shell design
  • Single ratchet-tightening buckle


  • Sizing chart provided
  • Wide-footed design
  • Massive rear opening
  • Extra thermal material
  • Replaceable toe and heel pads


  • Not enough mid-foot support

Nordica Sportmachine 80 Ski Boots Men’s

Nordica ski boots feature Alpine high traction soles and 35mm straps. They also feature a tri-force construction. Which equips the boot with reinforcements in the rear spine and on the bottom of the boot. To enhance responsiveness to your skis.

The fit is ideal for medium width forefoot and medium size shaft of the leg. They have a dual easy entry instep made using a duel injected softer plastic across the instep. Allowing your foot to slide easily in and out of the shell. An ACP (Adjustable Cuff Profile) gives you the ability to dial in the fit across your calf with a quick turn of the dial and an Allen wrench.


  • Strap 35mm
  • Triforce construction
  • Dual injected softer plastic
  • Medium width forefoot
  • Medium size shaft


  • Alpine high traction soles
  • Comfort fit liner
  • Adjustable cuff profile
  • Dual easy entry instep


  • Not ideal for beginners

ALPINA Elite 80 Heat Ski Boots

The Alpina ski boot offers great arch support for flat feet. Their fit is ideal for a medium forefoot and medium calf volume. They feature the InTemp Heating System, and they come with a USB cord for charging the hidden battery pack that heats coils wrapped in the liner for optimal feet warming and improved balance. The heating system has three heat settings to keep your toes at the perfect temperature on the mountain.

They have an X-Frame construction design that reduces the total weight of the boot while adding rigidity and energy transfer to specific points of the shell to improve your control and responsiveness. They are also equipped with VCP (Volume Control Plate) that allows you to swap the boot board between the right and left boots for a perfectly dialed-in fit.


  • Medium Forefoot
  • Medium Calf Volume
  • X-Frame Construction
  • VCP (Volume Control Plate)


  • InTemp Heating System
  • Easy Entry System
  • Warranty: One Year


  • Not ideal for wide feet

SALOMON QST Access 70 Ski Boots Men’s

These ski boots feature the best sole footbeds for ski boots. They feature Ride and Hike technology that makes it easy to walk after you are done skiing. They also feature a soft, warm lining, a Velcro power strap, and three micrometric adjustable buckles. Their Woolmetal liner made of a mix of wool and metallic polyester has immense insulating properties that keep you warm and comfortable.

They come with a slide-in liner for easy step-in, and they only weight 1.6kgs, making them among the lightest efficient ski boots in the market. They are made from Polyolefin stitched in an easy step-in overlap design. For increased lightness while being flexible and warm. The boots also have pre-mounted and a riveted oversized pivot that ensures perfect power transmission between cuff and shell.

They also have a tool-free tooth adjustment of the lower leg volume by rotating and moving the lower buckle.


  • Hike and ride technology
  • Tool-free tooth adjustment
  • Upper cuff mono-material PP
  • Mono-material PP Lower shell
  • Oversized Pivot
  • Three aluminum hooks
  • 35mm Strap
  • Heel and toe removable din pads


  • Easy to use
  • Slide-in liner
  • Easy step-in
  • Lightweight
  • Backbone reinforcement


  • Sold in UK sizing


The best ski boots for flat feet should be comfortable and pain-relieving at the same time. This way, you can focus on enjoying the skiing trip instead of worrying about the pain you are experiencing and will continue to experience once you are done skiing. Buy ski boot with space for wearing socks and or other orthotic wear. The options reviewed above are all great however, severe your condition.