If you have narrow feet, you know how hard it is to find shoes that are not too baggy. In most cases, you have to make do with regular shoes as buying specialized shoes can be a tad expensive. But when it comes to buying shoes for a sport and having to fork out a couple of hundred bucks, finding specialty shoes that are a perfect fit is necessary.

Most ski boots are designed to fit the standard foot size and have extra room for socks and leg warmers. This can pose a challenge for a person with narrow feet. As they will not be able to ski comfortably in a standard ski boot, making it mandatory for you to find ski boots specially made for narrow feet. That said, here are the best ski boots for narrow feet.

Top 5 ski boots for narrow feet

Atomic HAWX Magna 100 Ski Boots Men'sLegendary Hawx Feel
Memory Fit
Easy Step-in
3M Thinsulate Insulation
PU Shell / PU Cuff
Salomon X Max 100 Ski Boot Men'sForefoot Width: 98mm
Flex: Stiff
Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Liner: EVA/polyurethane foam
Custom Moldable Shell
Salomon X Max 70 Ski BootsWhite
Durable shell
Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boots Men's Sz 9.5 (27.5)Full tilt
Atomic HAWX Ultra 130 Ski Boots 2018 (26.5)Reliable custom fit

Atomic HAWX Magna 100 Ski Boots Men’s

Atomic HAWX Magna 100 Ski Boots Men's

These ski boots for people with narrow feet feature memory fit, an easy Step-in design, 3M Thinsulate Insulation, and a PU Shell and PU Cuff. They are designed to ensure that you are not forced to select between comfort and performance. The boots have medium stiffness and a wide tongue for a hassle-free and pain-free skiing.

The boots are also an excellent option for intermediate or new-to-the-snow skiers. It provides enough stiffness to steer your skis without throwing you constantly in the back seat. The boots are best suited for skiers of medium build and strength. They have a silver liner, dual-density standard grip pads, 40 mm Velcro straps, a 15° forward lean, and a 3° shell rotation.


  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation
  • PU Shell / PU Cuff
  • Silver Liner
  • Dual Density Standard Grip Pads
  • 40 mm Velcro Strap
  • 6000-Series Alu Buckle
  • Flex: Medium
  • Weight: 2090 g / 26x


  • Comfortable
  • High performance
  • Easy Step-in


  • Not ideal for heavy skiers

Salomon X Max 100 Ski Boot Men’s

Salomon X Max 100 Ski Boot Men's

The Salomon ski boots are designed for advanced to expert skiers looking for the most precise fit. The boots have a 100 flex rating, which offers sufficient support for aggressive skiers with a 98mm last that can expand a few mm’s when heat molded. The boots also feature Salomon’s Proprietary “Oversized Pivot” that will allow the boot to flex more naturally during a turn, making turning feel more natural.

They are the perfect fit for narrow-footed all-mountain skiers looking for a medium-stiff flexing boot. They are moderately narrow in the forefoot, with excellent heel and ankle hold. They also offer an exceptional response for intermediate to advanced skiing.


  • Forefoot Width: 98mm
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Liner: EVA/polyurethane foam
  • Custom Moldable Shell
  • Size: 25.5


  • Natural turn
  • Medium flex
  • Excellent heel hold


  • No options for smaller feet

Salomon X Max 70 Ski Boots

Salomon X Max 70 Ski Boots

These are among the best fitting ski boots in the market for narrow feet. They are made using Twin frame technology, which delivers excellent performance with a customized fit. They are the perfect all-day performance boot specifically designed to fit women.

The boots allow you to enjoy skiing all day without feeling worn down due to the lightness and improved snow-feel provided by the Sensitive Shell construction. They also feature a pre-shaped seamless liner and women-specific cuff, and Calf Adjuster allows for more fitting options.

The boots have a Sense Amplifier that delivers improved terrain feedback, efficient power transmission, and excellent precision at every turn—enabling you to stay comfortable on the slopes.


  • Low cuff
  • Sensitive shell construction.
  • Pre-shaped seamless liner
  • Women-specific cuff and calf adjuster
  • Sense amplifier


  • Excellent terrain feedback
  • Efficient power transmission
  • Exceptional precision at every turn


  • Not ideal for beginners

Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boots Men’s Sz 9.5 (27.5)

Full Tilt Drop Kick Ski Boots Men's Sz 9.5 (27.5)

The Full Tilt Drop Kick boots are suitable for lapping the park or ripping the mountains. The shell design, classic ribbed Flex 6 tongue, and infinite rear cuff pivot allow you to flex naturally and avoid banging your shins. They feature shock-absorbing boot boards; and are lightweight to allow stress-free skiing.

Shock absorbing attire makes bumps and falls more bearable. Having some shock absorbing impact shorts can work to your advantage should you fall when skiing.

They also have a 90 flex rating and come with an easy to use tongue liner. Their aerodynamic design enables you to blast through bumps, soar off jumps, and ski with confidence. They also feature a tool-less forward angle adjustment range of 4mm or 8mm. Additionally, the engaging FTO Shell offers you all the protection you need.


  • Last width: 99m
  • Tongue flex: 6
  • Flex rating: 90
  • Boot board: shock absorber
  • Infinite rear cuff pivot


  • Lightweight
  • Tool-less forward angle adjustment
  • Engaging FTO shell
  • Ribbed tongue


  • Best for seasoned skiers

Atomic HAWX Ultra 130 Ski Boots 2018 (26.5)

atomic hawx ultra 130

This lightweight alpine ski boot is perfect for skiers with narrow feet. It is also the stiffest narrow ski boot in the market. It features pre-shaped, Memory Fit, and 3D Platinum liners that offer an excellent first fit. The boots are made from Prolite using revolutionary light construction with added reinforcements in key zones. This, in turn, cuts weight by 25%.

The boots deliver a combination of snow-feel, power, and comfort. Coupled with the Power Shift for forward lean adjustment, Cuff Alignment, Cantable Grip Pads, you are officially sorted for all your skiing needs.


  • 3M™ Thinsulate Insulation
  • True Flex PU Shell / PU Cuff
  • Memory Fit 3D Platinum Liner
  • Dual Density Cantable Grip Pads
  • 50mm Velcro Strap
  • 6000-Series Alu Buckle
  • 98mm Narrow Fit
  • 13°-17° Forward Lean
  • 3° Shell Rotation
  • ISO 5355 Alpine Norm


  • Memory Fit
  • True Flex
  • Power Shift
  • Energy Backbone


  • They are not stiff enough

Measuring for ski boots

  • Start by tracing your foot on a piece of cardboard.
  • Then take a tape measure and measure from the tip of the foot to the heel.
  • The number you get is your boot size.
  • Ensure you leave wiggle room for socks.


The best ski boots for narrow feet should be lightweight, durable, have optimal flex for skiing level, and be easy to put on and take off. They should also have cuff adjustment and angle adjustment capabilities. Lastly, the ski boots should have a Velcro strap for fit adjustment.