As a surfer, you need multiple boards for riding different types of waves. Chief among them is a small board for riding small waves. This is handy when you just need to cruise in the ocean instead of riding waves. And if you like to try tricks and acrobatic move s while surfing, this is the best board to practice your moves.

And as a beginner, this is the perfect board to practice staying on board without getting washed out. You also get to practice maneuvering your board without being overwhelmed by the size of the board. It is easier to finesse your moves on a smaller board. Here are the best small wave surfboards in the market currently.

South Bay CO Hybrid Surfboard

This is one of the best small surfboards in the market. It is custom-designed to be semi-beginner friendly, durable, and performance-focused. It features a ‘Fingerprint’ textured non-slip surface that is wax-free. The surfboard is extra wide, and it has a rounded out nose and squash tail for extra stability.

The entire kit includes; one Hybrid Longboard Surfboard, one 9” Single FCS Fin, two Proper Large FCS Thruster Fins, one Fin Key, and one 10’ Competition Surfboard Leash.


  • Squash tail
  • Single FCS fin
  • Two proper large FCS thruster fins
  • Fin key
  • Competition surfboard leash


  • ‘Fingerprint’ textured
  • Wax-free
  • Rounded out nose
  • Widened chest areas


  • Poor buoyancy

Scott Burke 7’6” Surfboard Package

The Scott Burke surfboard is a good surfboard for beginners. It is made from high-density polyethylene with a slick bottom that is heat laminated. It features three multi-layered (molded-in) laminated wood stringers, a Tri-fin system with nylon screws, a molded-in nylon leash plug, a surf leash with precision molded fittings, a double swivel/rail Saver, and a Neoprene padded ankle strap.

This board has a waterproof EPS foam core, three wood stringers, and IXPE/XPE heat laminated deck skin, an EVA traction pad, and a high-density polyethylene slick bottom. Its construction allows the board to be durable yet flexible with maximum buoyancy. It is also a classic size surfboard for beginners.

The board’s soft foam deck is excellent for beginners because it floats easier and is more stable when learning to stand. Additionally, foam surfboards are incredibly lightweight, so it’s easy to carry down to the beach while looking for the perfect spot to paddle out.


  • Three multi-layered (molded-in) laminated wood Stringers
  • Tri-fin system
  • Molded-in nylon leash plug
  • Surf leash
  • Neoprene padded ankle strap
  • Soft foam deck


  • High density
  • Slick bottom
  • Heat laminated
  • Durable
  • Traction Pad Attached


  • The board is somewhat narrow

Empire Ehukai Soft Surfboard

This easy to use surfboard is 100 percent and is made from waterproof high-density EPS Core Board. It comes with everything you need to start shredding on the waves. It features four stringers, a surf leash, and a tri-fin system. It can handle individuals up to 250 lbs. while remaining lightweight and resistant to dings and dents.


  • High-density EPS Core Board
  • Four stringers
  • Surf leash
  • Tri-fin system


  • 100 percent Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Perfect for beginners


  • You have to drill your fin hole

Liquid Shredder Fish Foam Surfboard

The Liquid Shredder FSE Fish Foamie surfboard 5’10” is wide and easy to ride. It has wooden stringers that make it stiff and strong. This shred-comfort EPE deck is soft and forgiving. It features laminated heat construction with no glue making it marine life-friendly. It also has removable twin fins. A leash connection post is also included in the kit. The bard has a fish Tail and a retro-round nose. It comes with a 90 Day Consumer Use Warranty.

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This beater board has an EPS core and PP hard, slick bottom for increased durability. Its unique fin seals allow you to ride this black ball beater surfboard with or without fins.


  • Wooden stringers
  • Heat laminated construction
  • Removable twin fins
  • Retro-round nose
  • Leash plug


  • Wide and easy to ride
  • No glue
  • Leash connection post included
  • 90-day consumer use warranty


  • Not ideal for heavier individuals

ECS Boards – Drifter V-Flex Short Surfboard

This versatile surfboard was initially designed for longboard surfers who are looking to catch the bigger, faster waves. Making it perfect for use in all conditions. It makes an ideal beginner’s surfboard as it gives float and volume. The board is easy to paddle and ride. It has a single entry concave for you to perform a double vee through the tail for speed and lift.

The manufacturers have combined high-quality materials and beautiful design to bring the best surfboards possible to market at reasonable prices. It has a set of 4 future fins and a center fin.


  • Single entry concave
  • Four future fins
  • Centre fin


  • High-quality materials
  • Beautiful design
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Not ideal for large waves


The best small wave surfboard should be lightweight while being sturdy enough to handle a grownup’s body weight. It should also be durable as well as made from marine friendly material. For increased stability on the water, get one with a semblance of a kicktail despite its small size. This will help you become a pro surfer in no time.