Yes, hitting the slopes at high speeds is thrilling. The sound of the wind whizzing past your and the constant pitch of the board as the terrain changes get your adrenaline pumping. Sliding in a couple of stunts like jumps and butters makes it even better.

A butter is a simple flatland snowboarding trick that looks more complicated than it is, which means you look cool whenever you pull it off.

The trick entails shifting your weight to one end of the board so that the other side lifts and then spinning on the side of the board that is in contact with the ground effortlessly especially if it’s waxed well.

To do the perfect butter, you need the skill – and the best snowboard for buttering.

Top Snowboard for Buttering in 2022

Capita Horrorscope Snowboard MensReverse Camber4Special Blend Biaxial Fiberglass FSC Certified Select Core
Salomon The Villain SnowboardRock Out CamberMediumWood and Composite
Bataleon Fun.Kink Wide Snowboard MensMellow Concave4Wood Light Core
Capita Ultrafear Snowboard MensFreedom V1 Profile5.5FSC CErtified P2 SuperLight Core
Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard WomenReverse Camber4Special Blend Biaxial Fiberglass FSC certified select core

Capita Horrorscope Snowboard Mens

capita horrorscope snowboard mens

This soft wobbly board is great for low-speed stunts like buttering. It is flexible thanks to its dual reverse camber Flat Kick freestyle shape. The middle zero camber section will give you the planted feel of a regular board while the elevated contact points on the nose and the tail make it easier to lift and turn the board on a dime. This makes it perfect for doing spins and buttering for both pros and beginners.


  • Strong but flexible build with a special blend of biaxial fiberglass and an FSC certified select core
  • Designed to perform well in a wide range of application, from the park to powder or all-mountain use
  • Easy to lift, twist and turn
  • A great board for beginners

Salomon The Villain Snowboard

Salomon The Villain Snowboard

This Salomon uses the Aspen SLCT + Triax core and a Rock Out Camber profile to give you a playful board that is more than eager to perform most of the tricks you tell it to do. It is also a very flexible board making the tips easier to depress even at moderate speeds or when in a standstill on a flat surface. This is the perfect buttering board for beginners to established hardcore snowboarders.


  • A flexible build and rock out camber makes it easier to tilt and initiate a butter
  • Durable wood and composite construction
  • A Popster Booster construction with carbon stringers for more pop
  • Quadralizer sidecut for better high speed carving

Bataleon Fun.Kink Wide Snowboard Mens

betaleon fun.kink wide snowboard mens

The Bataleon Fun.Kink uses a 3BT triple base technology and a 1cm longer nose on a 99% twin board to give you the twitch feel of a rocker without taking out the stability of a camber. Couple this with the soft flax and you get a board that was born to butters. Its sidekick is designed to improve side base uplift on the nose and tail making it easier to initiate turns.


  • 3BT base technology offers tip-to-tail positive camber for a snappy and playful ride
  • An innovative sidekick tip makes it easier to initiate turns on this board
  • A 4 Flex Rating makes it easier to stand the board on the tail or the edge
  • A mellow concave camber profile that is perfect for low or high-speed stunts

Capita Ultrafear Snowboard Mens

Capita Ultrafear Snowboard Mens

This is a clean looking board that matches its looks with a soft to medium flex and a true twin profile. With a 5.5 flex and a Freedom V2 camber profile, it might take some skill to get this board buttering but the catch is it is versatile enough to do any trick you want at high speeds. It is designed to meet the excruciating forces a seasoned snowboarder will put it through regardless of whether they are doing stunts at medium speeds or when thrashing steep slopes at high speeds


  • A superlight P2 core makes it versatile, lightweight and impact resistance hence boosting its resilience and pop
  • A custom fiberglass bean resin for improving strength and durability
  • A cork edge dampening system to absorb any side bumps from blunt edges on the trail
  • A high abrasion resistance surface to guarantee you a smooth glide
  • Perfect for low to medium speed stunts and high-speed rides down the steepest slopes

Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard Women

capita space metal fantasy snowboard womens

Capita designed this cool board with women snowboarders in mind but it can be used by anyone – just as wide foot snowboarding boots for men can be used by women. The board is in our list thanks to its poppy lightweight core that gives it a uniform flex and a predictable consistency. The true twin board is design with a reverse camber that gradually grows into a raised nose and tail making it perfect for jibbing, jumping, slashing and buttering. It is a relatively flexible board (rated 4) and will always keep you in control when you perform your stunts.


  • A reversed camber and raised tail, nose design makes it easy to lift
  • Works well across the board, be it on features at the park, on powder on snow on the mountains
  • Quite forgiving for intermediate snowboarders who want to advance their skills
  • A versatile design guarantees you a long lifespan

Bottom Line

If you’ve found yourself the best snowboard for buttering, then it’s time to master the basics, practice, and build your confidence before you build up speed.

Start by stretching and relaxing your knees, wear the right boots, protective gear (some gloves, a helmet, and goggles), and work on a flat gradient or slight slope so that you can master the butter at low speeds. This not only makes it easier to drill the right buttering motion in but also reduces the chances of injury in case things go wrong. The safer you are the more you can keep on practicing and improve your skills.