If you are looking to fix the dings and dents on your favorite, you don’t always have to take to a surf shop to have it fixed. It can be a DIY that you can easily deal with using a reliable surfboard ding repair kit. There are many types available, with some more suitable for a certain type of boards than others.

If you are unsure of the kit to get, here is a list of some of the best surfboard ding repair kits that we have come up with after doing our research and trying them out on different boards.

Top 5 Surfboard Ding Repair Kits

Ding All Sun Cure Surfboard Repair Kit

If you are looking for the best surfboard ding repair kits for your polyester surfboard then this Ding All repair kit is the way to go. It contains 2 ounces Sun Cure Polyester UV Resin and comes with a 6” by 12” fiberglass cloth. There is also a sanding pad as well as a cup and applicators stick you can use.


  • Comes with all supplies
  • Easy application
  • Cures quickly in the sun
  • Sands well
  • Affordable price
  • Fast shipping


  • Needs to be in the sun to cure
  • Not suitable for epoxy surfboards

Ding All Q-Cell- 2 oz. bag

This Ding All surfboard repair kit comes in powder form and includes Q-Cell filler in a 2 oz. bag. To use it, it needs to be mixed with resin before using it as filler on the cracks on your surfboard.


  • Easy to use
  • Bulks out filler for larger dings
  • Cures a bright white finish
  • Affordable


  • Can be challenging knowing how much powder to use with resin

Ding All Standard (Polyester) Repair Kit

The Ding All Standard is another effective product you can use to repair surfboard dents. It includes 2 oz. resin and hardener, a 6” by 12” fiberglass cloth, sanding pad (2 grade), cup and mixing sticks and cover sheet.


  • Comes with all supplies
  • Easy to use
  • It cures clear
  • Enough material to do several repairs
  • Dries quickly
  • Affordable


  • Not for use on epoxy boards

Ding All 3 Oz (84ml) Super Epoxy Repair Kit

If you were looking for the best surfboard ding repair kit for your epoxy board then you need to consider this Ding All epoxy repair kit. It can repair on both polyester and epoxy surfboards, as well as many other composite materials.

The kit contains 2 oz. clear, easy sand epoxy resin plus 1 oz. hardener, 2 by 2-sided sanding pads, two cups and six mixing sticks, two cover sheets, Q-cell filler, and a bonus 1 oz. Sun Cure epoxy fiberfill resin tube. The kit is used when UV light is not present and fiberglass cloth is needed.


  • Kit contains all needed supplies
  • Clear instructions
  • Easy to sand


  • It can tricky getting the epoxy/hardener ratio right with small batches
  • Sun cure included with the kit isn’t clear
  • Takes a bit longer to cure

SOLAREZ UV Cure Polyester Pro Travel Kit

Last but not least is this SOLAREX UV Cure kit. It includes 4 oz. dual-cure laminating resin, 5” by 5” sandpaper in 60, 150 and 320 grits, spreader, 1 oz. bottle of acetone, 200 square inches of 4 oz. S-Glass, 38” fiberglass rope, mixing cup and stirring sticks.


  • Kit has all the needed supplies
  • Good for travel
  • Dries quickly


  • It doesn’t come with written instructions
  • Can solidify and be hard to spread when exposed to sunlight

Surfboard Ding Repair Tips

Fixing surfboard dings is simple, but one or two things you are doing, or not doing, could be the reason you are not getting the best results. If you have been using wax, this is one thing you should stop as the resin will not adhere to wax. You must completely dig out the wax out of a dig to be able to fix it properly. Cut out the foam that has touched the wax.

Another thing you need to do is to ensure that you do proper preparations. This includes things like sanding, cleaning and mixing resin and catalyst. The reason you are always back fixing the same spot could have something to do with the way you do the preparations.

Lastly, when mixing the Q-cell, you need to make it thicker. It should have the consistency of toothpaste, which enables it to hold the shape of the dent you are trying to fill. If it’s too thin, it will run and drip all over.

A damaged surfboard is not only less fun to surf with, but it can also be dangerous. Unfortunately, dings and other damages on your board are unavoidable as long as you keep using it. With a ding repair kit, you can effectively fill any dents and do the necessary repairs on your own without spending a fortune at the surf shop. Sometimes all you need is to work on the damages instead of buying a completely new surfboard. With the above guide, hopefully, you will find the best surfboard ding repair kit suitable for your board and keep on doing what you love to do-Surf!