If you have ever been surfing, then you understand how hard it is to stay grounded on your board, especially if it has a wax finish. Which makes it even harder to use unless you are a well-seasoned surfer. Even then, you still have to be on your best guard. For you to manage to stay on your board the majority of the time.

The innovation of surfboard traction pads is one of the best things to have been invented for the surfing world. It makes staying onboard your surfboard much easier, which in turn enhances your surfing experience. And if you do it for sport, then you need to get a traction pad for your surfboard. Here are the best surfboard traction pads in the market currently.

Top 5 Surfboard Traction Pads Of 2022

Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad- 3 piece
- 3 M adhesive
- Supper grippy
PUNT SURF Ripper Traction Pad- 3 piece stomp pad
- Sticky 3M adhesive
- Grips all board types
Astrodeck Patrick Gudauskas 126 Traction Pad- One piece
- Super grippy
Creatures of Leisure Mick Fanning Surf Traction Pad- 1 piece
- Lightweight and grippy
FCS T-3 Traction Pad - USA - Limited Edition- 3 piece
- Sanded surface for more grip
- Perforated

Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad

This premium surfboard traction pad offers an excellent grip on your surfboard while allowing you to customize your grip. You can spread the pads apart if you prefer a broader grip on your tail and vice versa. It uses a powerful 3M adhesive that provides maximum stick to your board. It also features a middle arch that supports your foot and a kicktail that lets you lock in your stance. The extra traction is a great confidence booster, especially for beginner or intermediate surfers.

  • Three-piece design
  • Middle arch
  • Kicktail


  • Supports your foot
  • Let’s you lock in your stance
  • Easy to apply



  • Cannot stick on a wax-coated board

PUNT SURF Ripper Traction Pad

This is the perfect surfboard with a front traction pad. It provides the ultimate, lightweight grip. You can dig your back foot in with confidence in those critical bottom turns and cutbacks. It is a universal fit for any surfboard or skimboard, and you can place the pieces of traction pad on your board as you see fit.

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The pad uses premium marine-grade3M adhesive directly from the source. It is made from an ultralight diamond grooved EVA foam.


  • Premium 3M adhesive
  • 10MM teardrop
  • 25MM ramp
  • Diamond groove
  • 3-piece pad
  • EVA foam construction


  • Fits any surfboard and skimboard
  • Easy to apply
  • Made from durable foam


  • The adhesive is not long-lasting

Astrodeck Patrick Gudauskas 126 Traction Pad

The Astrodeck traction pad is designed to be super grippy to help keep your back foot planted on the surfboard at all times. This, in turn, helps to boost air making your surf game stronger than ever.  It is made from high-quality, durable materials. It is also easy to apply on the board. You just peel and stick for a super-secure grip that will keep your back foot planted for power turns. The Astrodeck 126 Surfboard Traction Pad enables you to pull off all your tricks in style.


  • Three-piece pad
  • 45 degrees vert kick
  • Built-in arch


  • Built to last
  • Super strong grip
  • Helps boost airs


  • You need to sand the surfboard before sticking it

Creatures of Leisure Mick Fanning Surf Traction Pad

This high-end traction pad has reliable all-over traction. It features a 7mm teardrop arch with the chisel cut construction, square loc traction pattern, and a 28mm tabletop kick. It also has an exclusive lightweight premium EVA formula for enhancing grip.

The pad was designed for lightning speed surfing, and it provides maximum grip for all wave conditions. It was designed to be lightweight by the world’s leading surfers. It does not have dye cut holes to maintain even traction throughout the entire board.


  • Square loc traction pattern
  • Tabletop kick – 28 mm
  • 7mm teardrop arch bar
  • Chisel cut construction
  • 3-piece design


  • Provides maximum grip for all wave conditions
  • Super-light EVA composition
  • Reliable all-over traction


  • The glue used is not strong enough

FCS T-3 Traction Pad – USA – Limited Edition

The FCS Traction Pad uses an innovative design as well as superior quality materials for enhanced performance. This Limited Edition USA pad has accents that embody the colors of the American flag. The 3-piece pad has a double diamond and a double square groove, drop arch bar, hail tail kick, and sanded surfaces for enhanced grip. It is also Ultra-thin for a comfortable foot feel. The pad is also perforated for extra resistance.

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  • Double diamond groove
  • Double square groove
  • Drop arch bar
  • Hail tail kick
  • Sanded surfaces


  • Enhanced grip
  • Ultra-thin sensitivity
  • Perforated for extra resistance


  • The adhesive used is weak


Essentially, the best surfboard traction pads should make you be able to stay on your surfboard without slipping into the water. Granted, you still need to have balance, but the traction pad is the answer to all your slippery surfboard problems.

Also, ensure that the adhesive used is marine-grade, as it would be detrimental if your traction pad were to play a part in degrading marine life. Go for a 3-piece traction pad design as this allows you to customize your grip. Any one of the options listed above would be an excellent fit for your surfboard or skimboard.