Ladies with wide feet have a hard time getting snowboard boots that fit them perfectly. In most cases, you will end up with boots that graze your toes or force them to overlap leading to discomfort or painful blisters.

The good news is that there’s a wide range of manufacturers who have designed snowboarding boots with wide footed people in mind.

We did some digging around and have come up with a list of the top five snowboard shoes that offer the best value to women with wide feet.

Pro Tip: Most wide foot snowboarding shoes are designated ‘male’. Don’t let this worry you. They will fit you just fine if you choose the right size.

Best Women’s Snowboard Boots for Wide Boots in 2022

Salomon Snowboards Synapse Wide Snowboard BootPowerLockPlatinum ExhaleStiff
ThirtyTwo Focus Boa ‡18 Snowboard BootsBoaEliteStiff
Salomon Snowboards Dialogue Wide Snowboard BootsZoneLockGoldMedium
Salomon Snowboards Hi Fi White Snowboard BootZoneLockShadowFlexMedium

Salomon Snowboards Synapse Wide Snowboard Boot

Salomon Snowboards Synapse Wide Snowboard Boot

The tried and tested Salomon Synapse Wide boot is design for serious snowboarding and easily accommodates wide feet. The boot has a very stiff flex that guarantees you top-notch responsiveness when navigating a tough stretch. This makes them a delight among professionals and a no go zone for most beginners.

What we found lovable about the shoe is the widened mid and forefoot region. This means that your foot won’t feel compressed at all and your toes won’t overlap. The PowerLock Lacing gives you a crisscrossing locker with hooks towards the top that make it easier to unthread and slip into the boot.

Once your foot is inside, it will be encased in the heavenly bliss of a thermo-moldable Platinum 4D Exhale liner. The exhale liner holds your foot snugly while letting the airflow keep you comfortable and cool when things start heating up. This also makes the boots easy to clean and dry so that they don’t turn into a stinky mess.

The Salomon Snowboards Synapse Wide snowboard boot sits on an Ortholite C3 footbed and a Trek EC+ sole that gives you maximum grip on the board and reasonable traction when walking.


  • Closure: PowerLock
  • Liner: Platinum Exhale
  • Thermo-Moldable Liner: Full Custom Fit
  • Liner Closure: Quick Pull
  • Flex: Stiff

ThirtyTwo Focus Boa ’18 Snowboard Boots

ThirtyTwo Focus Boa '18 Snowboard Boots

The ThirtyTwo Focus Boa ’18 might not be designated Wide Foot but ThirtyTwo is well known for creating snowboarding boots that fit wide foot women comfortably.

The Boa ’18 still packs the iconic twist dial Boa closure system that makes it very easy to put on the boots and tighten them without having to fiddle with laces over your heavy snowboarding gloves. The dials are all you need to adjust between a soft fit and a super-tight fit when you want to hit the slopes really hard.

Once inside the boot, your foot will rest in a thermo-moldable Intuition Foam liner that adjusts to your foot’s shape for maximum comfort. On the outside of the boot is an Exo Armor and Storm Shield that protects your feet from the elements while giving the boots a hardy shell that will last you for years.

The outer sole is made of light but grippy Vibram rubber that gives perfect traction on ice when hiking or on the board.


  • Power cuff heel hold system for maximum energy transfer by minimizing heel lift
  • Closure: Boa
  • Liner: Elite
  • Thermo-Moldable Liner: Intuition Foam
  • Liner Closure: Elite Internal Harness
  • Flex: Stiff

Salomon Snowboards Dialogue Wide Snowboard Boots

Salomon Snowboards Dialogue Wide Snowboard Boot

If you are looking for a soft flex snowboarding boot that will fit your wide feet, look no further than the Salomon Snowboards Dialogue Wide Snowboard boot. The boot is designed for enthusiasts who frequently shift between leisurely cruising and hard-core snowboarding.

Its cavernous design guarantees that your feet won’t feel compressed and you will not have to deal with blisters or hot-spots every time you slip your feet out of the boot.

The boot holds your feet on a revolutionary chatter and impact-absorbing Ortholite C2 Footbed for maximum support and comfort. The shoe’s gold liner uses a Custom Fit Pro Foam mat that contours to your foot’s shape perfectly while the outer sole (a Flight EC+) is made from high traction Contagrip rubber for perfect traction when hiking.

Wearing them is simple too. All you have to do is tug on the lacing handles to tighten the top and lower zones with one neat move.


  • Closure: Zonelock
  • Liner: Gold
  • Thermo-Moldable: Custom Fit Pro Foam
  • Liner Closure: Quick Pull
  • Flex: Medium

Salomon Snowboards Hi Fi White Snowboard Boot

Salomon Snowboards Hi Fi White Snowboard Boot

This is yet another Salomon boot on our roundup. By now, you must have realized that Salomon really takes care of wide foot snowboarders. The Hi Fi white edition of their snowboarding boots will give you the right feel, flex, and fit if you have wide feet.

What makes it better is that these boots are not only resigned to the snowy slopes when on vacation but you can also wear them when taking a hike to the pack or taking a hike in your backcountry roads.

They have the proprietary Salomon ZoneLock lacing that is designed to put pressure at the right points and avoid overstressing flex points of your leg.

The boot has a thermo-moldable Full Custom Fit liner that contours into your leg’s shape while a Sensifit wrapping guarantees you a comfortable fit all day long. Most of its versatility is attributed to the TPU SpringBack spine that not only makes it great for snowboarding but also long-lasting hiking boots.

The footbed is made of a cooling Ortholite C3 material while a Climax Gaiter neoprene seal keeps the lower foot dry at all costs. The outer sole is a light HiFive EC+ rubber that is as grippy as it is comfortable.


  • Closure: ZoneLock
  • Liner: ShadowFlex
  • Thermo-Moldable Liner: Full Custom Fit Foam
  • Flex: Medium
  • Sole: HiFive EC+

Bottom Line

Choosing the right women’s snowboarding boots for wide feet is a bit trickier than just picking the right ones for beginners. You not only have to go for the right size but also choose a manufacturer who designs roomy boots that cater to foot girth and not just length.

If you buy wide foot boots, go for your exact size. There’s no need to buy a size above what you normally wear. You should, however, start shopping early so that you have the time to return the boots if they don’t fit your footwell. You don’t want a last-minute purchase that will end up frustrating you when you hit the slopes.