Traction pads are meant to help you stay on your surfboard while shredding the waves. They do this by preventing your feet from sliding off the board. For years, surfers have been using surfboard wax for grip purposes, but the traction pad offers a better grip. Keep reading o find out whether you need to get a traction pad for your surfboard.

Do You Need A Traction Pad On A Surfboard?

This depends on the surfer. But for the most part, having a good traction pad on your surfboard is highly advantageous. Tractions pads come in a variety of curves, contours, arches, and grooves, which help you personalize your level of grip as per your needs. And, you never have to worry about waxing your board ever again. They are pretty low maintenance.

Additionally, traction pads have a raised back, commonly known as a kicktail that prevents your feet from sliding back. This, in turn, increases your surfboard’s maneuverability making it easier to make turns. This added advantage it hard to overlook.

How Do I Choose A Traction Pad For My Surfboard?

Shopping for a surfboard traction pad is like shopping for a shoe. We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to shoe shopping. But the most crucial element is the fit of the shoe. The same case applies to the traction pad.

Get one that feels comfortable to use on your board. It will have a significant impact on how you surf and perform tricks on your board. If you have a flat foot, opt for a traction pad with little or no arch. If you have an arched heel, get one with a taller arch.

How Do You Apply A Traction Pad On A Surfboard?

First, you need to remove all the wax from your board by cleaning it thoroughly. Any leftover wax may prevent the traction pad from sticking on the board properly. (Here is a guide to give you an idea of how you should clean the board.) Then place the pads on the board and mark where you want them to be stuck. Ideally, this will be the area where you put your back foot.

This should be the furthest part of the leg line or the leash plug. Once you have found the perfect position to stick the traction pad, stick it on the surfboard. Mark the area if need be as removing the traction pad and reapplying it will be challenging and time-consuming.

Can You Put A Traction Pad On A Foam Surfboard?

Yes. You can, but the traction pads tend to not stick firmly on foam surfboards. To stick the pad snugly, use superglue. This will last longer than the glue that comes with the traction pad. Just make sure that the glue you use is not harmful to marine life.

How Do You Take A Traction Pad Off A Surfboard?

Start by trying to peel off the traction pad. Try your best to remove it in one piece to make it easier to clean it off. Then take paper towels and soak them in mineral turpentine and place it on the leftover adhesive glue. Let it soak for 10 minutes. Then wipe off any loose adhesive with the paper towel. You can scrap leftover wax with a wax comb.

Always let the traction pad dry for at least 24 hours before using it. And finally, apply the traction pad towards the tail of the surfboard as it is abrasive and will scratch your chest when you lay on it.