Most climbers believe that it is better to wear climbing shoes without socks as it helps you have a better grip. On the other hand, this tends to make your climbing shoes sweaty and stinky. While not wearing socks enables you to have a better grip and less foot slippage. Is the payoff worth it? Do you wear socks in climbing shoes?

For most climbers, the answer is probably no. their logic is based more on myths and personal preference than facts. In reality, you can still have a good hold if you wear socks.

It is recommended that you wear woolen socks over your climbing shoes for extra grip, especially when wet climbing. It also helps to protect your climbing shoes.

Should You Wear Socks In Climbing Shoes?

This comes down to your preferences. If you are rock climbing n a cold day, you may want the extra warmth provided by a pair of socks. Socks also protect your feet from any internal elements in your climbing shoes capable of being abrasive to your feet, such as stitching and seam tapes.

That said, socks give you extra feel, and we all know how vital sensitivity is when climbing a vertical surface. Socks tend to reduce the level of feeling in your feet, making it impossible to climb like a pro.

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Contrary to popular belief, you still maintain the same amount of feel with the sock son as you would without the socks. So whether you wear climbing shoes barefoot or not, it is ultimately up to you.

But if you do decide to wear socks with your climbing shoes, be sure to buy a size larger so that you can be able to fit in your shoes with the socks on without feeling too tight in the shoes.