If you work out a lot, you may notice your hands develop calluses and be unsightly and uncomfortable. But what are calluses? Calluses form as hard tissues on the palms and inside fingers due to the pressure on those areas.

The buildup of hard dead cells makes it hard for you to function and may be painful. But the calluses may be helpful when they are neither too hard nor soft. Therefore, this article guides you on how to build calluses on hands faster for better grip as a weightlifter, rock climber, and more.

How to Build Calluses

To build calluses, you need to start climbing a couple of times on the rock. Soon you will notice calluses forming on your palm and underneath your knuckles or anywhere that rubs on the rock.

Tips for Hardening Calluses on Your Hands

There are several ways to toughen calluses skin as follows;

Use a Bucket Full of Rice

Rice is known to have sapping elements to help drain fluid from objects.  When your hands are overly moist, it can cause more risk and fail to get a proper grip. Immerse your hands in rice to help them get firm and develop some level of toughness. Do the process a couple of times per day.

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Tire Workout

It’s a great way to build and strengthen the calluses on your hands. Using the tire, do multiple flip sessions or use a bat to pound the tire continually.

Weight Lifting

Heavy gym equipment is a crucial factor in helping you to build and toughen your hand calluses. The calluses harden and protect your hands against the hard surfaces. When you make the calluses stronger, the lifting becomes more comfortable, and the pains and cramps reduce.

How to Toughen Hand Calluses

When you build calluses, here are few tips to help take care of them;

Use Chalk When Weight Lifting

When hands are slippery during a workout, they increase the chances of calluses to rip and tear. Using chalk during weight training helps improve the grip and prevent tears.

Level them with Calluses Remover

A callus remover is a tool you can use to treat and take care of your calluses. The tool has a shaving area that rubs over the calluses to remove the excess dead skin cells.

Use a Callus Healing Salve

When you finish your workout, apply the healing salve on your hands to repair any tears. The cream has soothing elements such as tea tree oil, coconut, and shea butter.

If you don’t want calluses to form during workouts, there are some alternatives like using special gloves for the exercise and climbing tape.

How Do You File a Callus?

File your callus during or after bathing. Rub the corn with a pumice stone, nail file, emery board, or washcloth to get rid of the thick skin. Avoid using sharp items to trim the skin. It’s best to avoid using a pumice stone if you have diabetes.

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Is it Bad to Pick Calluses?

Picking calluses aren’t right for your hands. The procedure results in tears or cracks in the skin, which increases the risk of infection. If the callus is causing discomfort, soak it in warm water to soften the thick skin. Then later gently scrub it with pumice.

Is it Bad to Cut Off Calluses?

Cutting your calluses is terrible as it may result in injuries. You may injure the tissues if you cut far too deep, which may be the entry point to infections.


There are several and easy ways to toughen skin for climbing, as explained in the article. However, you still have to take good care of the calluses to ensure you enjoy your workout.