Unlike mopeds, scooters are actually faster because they are equipped with more powerful engines, which equals higher horsepower. And depending on the cc of your engine, your scooter can go as fast as 80 miles per hour.

How fast can a 150cc scooter go?

The average top speed on a 150CC scooter is mostly 55-60MPH. This speed varies depending on the weight of the rider (or riders) any cargo and the terrain or landscape you are riding on.

To come up with this figure, we compiled a list of 8 of the most popular true 150CC scooters and compared their listed top speeds. We omitted other scooters that market themselves in the 150CC category but are actually 155CC from this list. Those can go faster and easily hit top speeds on 60MPH or more.

average top speed for 150cc scooters

We also went for the average instead of top speeds from spirited runs in conducive environments to give a more real-life answer.

X-PRO 150cc Moped Scooter55
Tao Lancer 15050
Tao Tao VIP 15055
Tao Tao Powermax55
Tao Tao Quantum 15055
Honda PCX15055
Grand Tourer 15055
Vespa PRIMAVERA 15059

Important things to know about scooters before buying one

Scooters are a great way to beat traffic if you live in a crowded city with prevalent traffic jams daily. They also consume less fuel than cars, making them a cheaper mode of transport. Not to mention that lesser fuel consumption equals fewer carbon emissions, making them a better alternative to automobiles.

On the downside, they still have carbon emissions, and the amount varies from scooter to scooter. Be sure to ask if the emission component is a deal-breaker to you when buying a scooter. There is also the fact that you are not sheltered from rain or direct sunlight. Plus, you have to switch to another form of transport during winter.

Is a scooter a worthy investment?

When you look at the initial cost of buying a scooter, the license fees, insurance cost, and daily fuel consumption and compare it to the cost of owning a car- A scooter trumps the card. There is also the environmental factor to consider as well as the time saving compared to car usage.

All in all, a scooter is a good purchase if you are looking to reduce your cost of transport while spending less money to acquire your mode of transportation. And when you consider all the rides in summer where you get to enjoy the sun while getting around, it is definitely worth considering.

Can a 150 scooter go on the highway?

The legal code may vary from state to state. But in most states, any scooter with an engine over 50cc requires a driver’s permit and motorcycle license. This pretty much equals permission to drive on highways.

Additionally, some state deems scooters with engine displacement above 150cc as motorcycles, allowing highways. Be sure to confirm whether it is legal to ride your scooter on the highway before doing it.

Do you need insurance for a 150CC scooter?

Yes. You are required to have liability insurance and register your scooter. Any scooter with engine power above 50cc is required to have insurance and or a motorcycle endorsement. The terms may vary from state to state.

Key factors to note about scooters

Now that you have a run-down of an average scooter, you must note these factors; they are not ideal for use on steep roads, and when used consistently at high speed, the engine might get bogged down and become faulty.

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If you already have a driver’s license, you do not need to get a motorcycle endorsement or license. On the bright side, they are easy to ride, making them perfect even for driving novices. Lastly, you can always change your scooter’s engine’s transmission to make it faster, but this is a complicated and arduous process.