Snowboard boots are essential if you love to go skiing in the mountains or if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters.  They help your feet stay warm in below zero temperature weather. And seeing as hypothermia mostly starts in the feet, you need to get the best snowboard boots you can afford.

And due to their high price tag, you may want to know how long do snowboard boots last?

The average snowboots life span is 40-100 days if you ski daily. This is dependent on the quality of the boots and the amount of use. For snowboard boots used once every few months, they may last anywhere from 2.5 years to 10 years. It again depends on the quality of the boots and the frequency of use.

When Should I Replace My Snowboard Boots?

If you are using them for sport regularly, you should replace them when you feel like they do not offer you support anymore. Or if they start to let in cold air. This means they have a tear and need replacing.

If you rarely use your snowboard boots and are still wondering whether you should replace them, consider the support offered and whether they are still keeping your feet warm.

How Long Do Snowboard Bindings Last?

They should typically last for 80-100 riding days. The reason being the straps wear out over time. And so do the screws. For occasional skiers, replace them at least once per year.

If you spring for high-end snowboard boots, you may be able to squeeze more wears out of them. Make sure you buy them in a size that is comfortable as they will maintain their stiff nature even after you break them in.