While sending your snowboard to your local shop for waxing is convenient, doing it yourself is quite simple and more satisfying.

The initial costs of buying the equipment you need to wax a board might be off-putting, you will end up saving more in the end. You will also be in a position to wax your board more often.

How Soon Should You Wax Your Board

The rule of thumb is that you should wax your board at least once every three days of riding. However, the frequency changes depending on your board’s base and how many hours you spend on the slopes. Waxing it after giving it a thorough cleaning will also extend the board’s lifespan

The Type of Board Base Construction

The market has two main types of board bases. Your base is either extruded or sintered.

Sintered bases are more porous. They absorb more wax per session and are therefore smoother and faster to ride. They will, however, be slower and less nimble when dry. You will have to wax it more often.

An extruded board has a smoother base made of melted down and cured material. They tend to be smoother and don’t need as much wax to run smooth.

How to Tell if It’s Time to Wax Your Board

You can guess if your board needs waxing by how it feels. If you feel slower on flat sections or are having a hard time pulling off tricks like buttering, then your board is dry and needs more wax.

Wax your board if it looks dry and white to the eye. If you hit the slopes really hard, consider waxing your board after every three days of snowboarding.