You want to feel like you belong. You want the label ‘ cool’.

You abhor the mushroom head. So, you want the perfect helmet. The low profile motorcycle helmet.

A helmet is designed to protect your head from impact and any penetrating objects in case of a crash. How well the helmet fits is the key to achieving maximum protection.

Common sense supports wearing a helmet always when you are riding. Wearing a helmet is as crucial as having your seatbelt on when driving a car. It is a necessary safety precaution.

How do you measure for a low profile helmet?

You are at the dealer’s shop. Have the dealer measure your head(around the largest perimeter- above your ears, and around half an inch above your eyebrows,all round to the point where your neck meets your spine) with a measuring tape that is flexible.

He will then write the measurement down and compare it to the low profile motorcycle helmet sizing chart of the brand of your choice and chose the corresponding size that is best for you. If you happen to be in between sizes, it’s advisable to first try the smaller size.

To buy online or not

If you are finding a replacement for a lost/ stolen helmet you can order online. But if it is the first helmet you are buying,it is advisable to buy from a local shop.

You do not want the risk of buying the wrong size. To get a custom fit you need to try on various helmets ( different sizes,head shapes and brands). This is not possible to do online.

After all most helmets are priced the same regardless of where you buy. So there is no benefit you get from buying online. Infact you may end up spending more in terms of shipping charges and time.

With online shopping, you do not always get what you see. Graphics and helmet colors may be poorly translated in a photograph. This means you may end up receiving something different from what you had ordered.

Alternatively, you could purchase your helmet from an online store that accepts returns. But this is a time consuming process. Who has the time for all this back and forth.

A sample low profile helmet sizing chart

SizeHat SizeHead Circumference

Sizes vary from extra small to extra extra large( XS to 5X-Large)

Some dealers also have helmets categorized in different head shapes. It’s important to try on different helmets to see which head shape best fits you. Most times you will find that you will fit into a helmet that is smaller than the size you had been measured.

Low profile helmet buying tips

Tip#1: Fitment is more important than price and style. Test fitting is what will give you the final answer. When shopping make sure to utilize the sizing chart of the model/ brand you are considering.

Why low profile helmet Fitment matters

  1. It provides maximum protection from impact in a crash
  2. It eliminates helmet shifts when riding
  3. It reduces helmet lifts when riding on high speed
  4. It provides maximum airflow for comfort
  5. It reduces fog thus ensuring clear vision

Tip #2: If you feel any discomfort upon wearing a helmet try on a different size or head shape. Note any uncomfortable pressure. Also, note any soreness you feel after removing the helmet. These are indicators that you need a different size.

Helmet sizing pointers

  1. Wear your hair down to get the perfect fit. A ponytail is not supposed to fit into the helmet
  2. Your prescription glasses or sunglasses should fit into the helmet
  3. Helmet sizes vary from brand to brand. You may not wear the same size for different brands.

Tip #3: The helmet should be tight enough that when it is pushed up from the back it does not rotate forward. It should also not shift side to side when pushed horizontally.

Tip #4: A perfect fit low profile helmet should have your eyes centred on the viewport.

Tip #5: If safety is the main aim for purchasing a low profile motorcycle helmet do not buy the insanely cheap brands unless you have the time to try them out against a quality brand helmet. They may lack quality parts and may not have been tested. A quality helmet is a worthwhile investment.

Low profile DOT helmets

DOT certification is a standard of safety issued by the US Department of Transportation. Below is a list of brands that are DOT certified:

  • Shoei
  • Arai
  • HJC
  • Bell
  • Schubert
  • Shark
  • Daytona
  • Crazy Al
  • 6D

Are low profile motorcycle helmets safe

Low profile helmets are totally safe. They have inner paddings that can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit and ensure you get the best protection.

Most brands have also tested these helmets through impact- simulation machinery as well as crash tests to meet the set safety standards. The ultra low profile full face helmets provide maximum protection.

In comparison to the open face helmets,full face helmets provide the most coverage to your head and neck. They offer more protection for your chin and jaw,a feature that lacks in open face helmets.

Full face helmets also protect you from your riding environment, be it unfavorable weather conditions,noise,bugs or stones.

The tinted visor in full face helmets protects your eyes so you do not require sunglasses like in open face helmets.

In comparison to modular helmets, full face helmets are lighter. The extra weight in the the modular helmets compromises the shell’s integrity which may result to lower protection in a crash.

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A helmet is the only motorcycle safety gear that can be trusted to protect you in the event of a crash. It is important to always wear one every time you ride. Take your time to find the right fit for you. Better safe than sorry.