One of the most common rock climbing myths is that wearing a smaller-sized shoe is better for extra sensitivity and feel. This misconstrued myth is more harmful than beneficial in the long run. Yet the question remains how tight should rock climbing shoes be?

While we may go back and forth debating how should climbing shoes fit, it is critical to take care of your feet than to get corns and callouses in the name of extra feel. Not to mention the number of blisters as well as the potential of developing Plantar fasciitis as well as a myriad of other feet related terminal conditions.

What Size Climbing Shoe Should I Buy?

Just like your regular shoes, buy a shoe that fits you perfectly, and supports your foot sole. If you have flat feet, buy a pair with a raised arch, and if you have an arched sole then purchase shoes with a lower arch. Make sure you are comfortable enough as you cannot risk losing your grip when you’re vertically inclined.

Be sure to leave room for socks when you buy your rock climbing shoes. Remember, shoes expand over time, so do not buy climbing shoes that will become too loose once you break them in. Do not buy a size smaller, either. The last thing you need is a pair of climbing shoes digging into your Achilles.

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Should Climbing Shoes Be A Size Smaller?

No. it would be extremely difficult to focus on rock climbing when you are busy wincing. It will also be increasingly difficult to break them in as compared to breaking in a properly fitting pair of climbing shoes.