Snowboard boots are an important part of every snowboarder’s life. Finding the right boot that fits snuggly not only keeps you warm on the slopes but also protects and bolsters your feet so that you can safely make all those moves without spraining an ankle.

Ideally, the right boots should fit firmly when you have them on and fully laced. Your ankle shouldn’t lift when you raise your leg. The foot should not shift around in the boot when you move your foot.

However, you should still get a shoe that though comfortable doesn’t constrict your foot to the extent of being uncomfortable or constricting your foot.

Your toes should fit well in the toe box but should not touch the front end of the shoe. The instep should perfectly support the arch of your foot giving you a comfortable complete fit.

If you buy your boots off Amazon, they should fit a little bit tight on the first attempt and start to loosen up a bit after you break them in. This is normally up to a week or two of riding. If you buy thermo-molded boots that are custom-molded at the shop, they should be a perfect fit from the word go.

Before buying your next pair of snowboarding boots, ensure that:

Know Your Exact Shoe Size

Put on your favorite sneakers or boots at home and walk around in them. Your toes should just touch the front end and the heel rest snugly at the back without feeling cramped. If the toes aren’t anywhere near the front lip, consider downsizing by ½ when buying the snowboard boots.

Alternatively, you can visit your local shoe store and use their shoe sizing equipment to get your exact shoe size before ordering.

Buy Real Snowboarding Socks

Wearing your snowboard boots with regular socks might prompt you to choose the wrong fit of boots. Good snowboarding socks also cushion your feet from impact while keeping you warm as you work your way through the snow.

If you have new boots, spend some time standing in them and simulating the snowboarding movement to see if they fit well. Ideally, in well-tightened boots, your toes should brush the end of the boot when you wiggle them.

Brand new boots are the tightest and will smooth out as time goes by. Always remember that when trying out a new pair.