Going on a hike with brand new hiking boots is like walking on a hard surface barefoot. New hiking boots tend to be stiff and uncomfortable, making hiking a sore instead of an enjoyable experience. They also tend to have a tight fit initially that needs to be fixed for them to be more suitable for walking on different terrains.

To alter the fit of your hiking boots, you need to learn how to break in hiking boots. This step is essential as letting your refrigerator sit for a while after it is delivered before you start using it. In both cases, the step is necessary for you to get the best out of your shoes or refrigerator.

How To Stretch Hiking Boots

If you have bought the best hiking boots in the market, then chances are they feel as hard as walking on rock, and they do not bend to the lift of your feet. This means that when you go hiking in them, you may end up having sore feet as they do not conform to the movement of your feet.

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Not to worry, there are a few tried and tested tricks for breaking hiking boots fast that you can use before your next hike.

First and foremost, wear them at home and during your day to day activities to soften their feel. As the leather starts getting used to your foot, it will soften, making them more comfortable to walk in. Wear them with your hiking accessories such as your heel compressor socks, as you would usually get used to the entire fit.

Go on short one day hikes in your area to get them used to rough off-road terrain before you start to use them for longer hikes. This will help break them much more as the rugged terrain will help the sole soften.

How Long Do You Need To Break In Hiking Boots?

Ideally, your hiking boots should be broken in in two to four weeks. Depending on how often you wear them and how stiff they were the beginning. Wear them in different terrains similar to

How Do You Soften Leather Hiking Boots?

To condition the leather and make it more pliable, you can apply coconut oil after they have been out in the sun for at least 10 minutes. Use melted pure coconut oil and let the boots absorb the oil then wipe off the excess.

Why Are Hiking Boots So Stiff?

This is because they are designed to protect your feet as you walk on rough terrains, such as rough roads. Or rocky paths. They will also protect your feet from being pierced by thorns or any other sharp objects that may be out on the wild trail.

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