Don’t you hate it when your skateboard wheel bearings are worn out, and you have to replace them? The issue is not replacing them; it is the process of removing the bearings that makes it a nightmare. Not to worry, here is the quickest way to remove bearings from skateboard wheels.

Things You Need

  1. Socket wrench
  2. Flat screwdriver
  3. Soft brush
  4. Soap and water
  5. Acetone or solvent solution
  6. Lubricant or grease

How to Remove Skateboard Bearings

Remove the nuts on your skateboard using the socket wrench and place them in a small container. Soak them in acetone or a solvent solution for at least five minutes. This will help to clean them and remove any oils or grease. Then remove them and air dry them.

Remove the wheels from the axle then proceed to remove the bearings from the bearing case. Use the screwdriver to remove them if they are stuck. Soak the wheels in soapy water for at least twenty minutes and use the brush to clean them.

Once the wheels are dry, insert your new bearings and reassemble the wheels. Then use the wrench to reattach the wheels. Make sure you tighten the nuts properly. And check if the wheels are aligned before using the skateboard.

Get Rusted Bearings out of Wheels

To clean rusty bearings, remove the bearings retainer or shield and remove the bearing balls. Then soak them in the solvent solution or acetone to clean them. Also, clean the retainer to remove accumulated dirt.

Air-dry the bearing balls or dry them using a paper towel. Then proceed to lubricate them before returning them in their retainer. Apply grease in the retainer before closing it. This will provide extra lubrication over time.

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Then assemble the bearing as they were before you started the maintenance process and insert them in the wheels.

If your wheels are worn out, use the skateboard wheel replacement guide to replace them. This will ensure you buy the right size. You can also follow the instructions when replacing the bearings.