Molding snowboard boots is essential for that customized comfortable fit.  Which in turn affects your performance on the snow. One of the best ways to mold your snowboard boots is by using heat. All you need to do is use heat molding boot liners and you are good to go. The liners are made of EVA a polymer commonly used to make shoe insoles and athletic shoes.

How To Heat Mold Snowboard Boots

Remove the footbed from the boot liner. Then use a hairdryer or heat gun to heat the boo liner in the snowboard boot. Insert the heat source into the top of the boot. Use moderate heat to shape the liner when heating your snowboard boots with a hairdryer. To avoid ruining the boots with heat damage. Tighten the snowboard boots to ensure the hot air stays trapped in the boots.

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Heat the liner for at least seven minutes per boot. Ensure it is not to hot that you cannot touch it by hand. Put on your snowboarding socks and wear the snowboard boots. While the liner is still warm. Wear socks that are not too thick as they will be uncomfortable and will affect the mold shape.

Your foot pressure plays a huge role in heat molding snowboard boots. It will shape the liner to the outline of your feet. Keep the snowboard boots for at least 10 minutes. Do not move around and stay as still as you can.

Tighten the laces to keep the boot in place. The longer you wear the snowboard boots the firmer the molded shape will become. The new mold shape will continue to develop as you wear the boot over time.

Should I Heat Mold My Snowboard Boots?

Yes. heat molded liners help to prevent ankle injuries related to snowboarding. The liner provides cushioning which protects the foot, ankle, and shins.