That annoying fog that forms on your snowmobile helmet visor is due to condensing vapor in your warm breath when it hits the cold visor. Since you can’t stop breathing, the best solution would be stopping your breath from impacting the visor or making the visor warmer.

There is a wide range of solutions out there that seek to solve the problem. Today, we are going to look at the different things you can do to stop moisture from condensing on the inside of your snowmobile’s helmet visor or your over the helmet goggles.

DIY Helmet Visor Fogging Remedy

If you don’t want to spend any more money, you can use an ammonia solution to treat the inside of the visor against fogging.

  • Mix a tablespoon of ammonia in a single cup of water
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe the mixture into the inside of the helmet shield
  • Wipe it dry with another piece of cloth and let it dry up

This should make your visor more resistant to fogging without any other modifications.

Get a Well Designed Well Fitting Helmet

Choose a good well-fitting helmet to reduce the amount of air trapped under the helmet at a go. The lesser the air trapped the lower the chances of fogging. Moreover, a snug helmet will protect you better in case of an accident.

Open Vents or Crack the Shield

Keeping the air flowing around your helmet will whisk out the moist air from your breath long before it condenses on the visor. If your helmet has chimney vents, consider leaving them open to encourage the venturi effect that encourages air circulation.

You can also crack the visor a bit to encourage more air to flow into the helmet. The only downside is the cold chilly breeze might be uncomfortable if the temperatures are really low.

Get a Breath Box

A breath box intercepts your breath and deflects it from the helmet guiding it out of the helmet before it gets to the visor. A good breath box should fit comfortably and let you breathe freely without making you feel too claustrophobic.

Consider a Helmet With a Heated Face Shield

If you don’t want the cold at all and you find a breath box too confining, you should buy snowmobile helmets with a heated visor. The visor in such a helmet gets some heating element and a cable to connect it to your snowmobile for power. The element will keep the visor warm enough to prevent fogging and keep your face warm and cozy. This trick also works for motorcycle helmets when it is cold.

A foggy visor is more than a nuisance. It can make your vision blurry leading to an accident or just make you plain uncomfortable. Using the above tricks to keeping your snowmobile helmet visor clear of fog should give you the upper hand.