You may fear leaving behind your helmet due to theft, or you don’t have a lock. But carrying it around with you may be tasking, especially if you’re hanging out with friends or you need to do some shopping. Well, there are helmet locks in the market that you can use. Choose them wisely for your helmet safety. We have a detailed guide for you on how to lock your helmet to your motorcycle.

How Do I Keep My Motorcycle Helmet from being Stolen?

Leaving your helmet unlocked is a sure way of losing it through theft. But when you lock it, thieves will have a hard time unfastening it from the bike. There are various locks you can use to lock your helmet to the bike. The locking options include;

Handlebar Lock

The lock has a good metal that doesn’t require polish or maintenance. It holds the helmet in place on the handlebar and keeps it safe. The lock is highly visible on your bike, and it’s usually a universal fit. You can try out the E-Bro Universal helmet lock.

A cord Lock 

A cord lock is a Ruggedized wire cord wrapped with rubber to increase durability. The cable runs around the helmet while locking it in place using a key. It’s a versatile lock, especially if the cord is long. The cord lock line wraps around the helmet and locks it in place with a combination code or standard padlock keys. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to secure your helmet on the bike.

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Bolt Lock

The lock is small , easy to fix, and mainly meant to stay on the bike  for a lifelong. It uses a key and is cylindrical. The lock features a motorbike helmet holder that you use to secure the helmet. It’s a solid lock that is hard to destroy, and thus, thieves can’t steal your helmet.

License Plate Lock

The lock is metallic and easy to install with a wrench. You position it at the rear side of the bike on the license holder. The lock is unique and invisible to observers; it’s thus the best way to lock a helmet to your Harley. It’s easy to use as you don’t have to fiddle with any cables and get them through the helmet D-rings.

Regular Bicycle Lock

 The bicycle lock is quite long and may even fit under the seat. It helps you place your helmet in a clean place since it’s long. The lock is similar to a helmet lock, as you thread it through the helmet’s bottom area and the open visor area. Later you lock the helmet to the motorcycle frame.

Motorcycle Chain Lock

The lock has a high risk of damaging your helmet due to the knocks on the chain. On the contrary, the chain is long and makes it easier for you to place your helmet on a clean spot. It’s the safest lock with a heavy-duty tool that helps secure your helmet and leave it in peace.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock

The motorcycle helmet clip lock is one of the best ways to secure a motorcycle helmet and keep off thieves. A typical lock is usually small and lightweight, with a wire for securing the helmet. The lock comes with a separate keyhole or hook located under the seat. The lock isn’t safe to secure helmets with open visors as they have no space for passing the cable; it works well for helmets with a double D-ring buckle. It’s best, therefore, to check the model of your bike before considering having a built-in motorcycle helmet lock.

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Locks are an excellent option of ensuring helmet security when you’re running some errands or having a meal at a restaurant. It might put thieves off from stealing your helmet. But remember, a thief with appropriate equipment can easily break some bike parts or the lock and steal the helmet. Therefore, park your bike in a safe place and lock your helmet.