Riding on slow skateboard bearings may no be the best experience.  If you are a pro, you are already used to high speed and yearning for more as you enjoy the tricks.  If your board wheels are slow, we will give a couple of modifications to make them faster without necessarily changing the board. The tips explained below will help on how to make skateboard wheels turn faster.

Check on the Tightness of the Axle Nuts

Loosen your nuts a bit to make your wheels turn faster. If the nuts are too tight will need more energy to push the wheels and, therefore, not ride at ease.  But when doing your tricks, the tightness of the nuts may be the best.

Use Bigger Wheels

Smaller wheels push at ease and have less speed than bigger wheels. The larger wheels have a bigger circumference and radius, too, while the smaller ones have a smaller semidiameter and perimeter. When given the same time on a hypothetical plane, the larger wheels will travel far than smaller ones, and that’s why larger wheels are fast. Examples of big wheels are Powell-Peralta G-Bones 97A Skateboard Wheels.

Use High-Quality Wheels

Wheels made of low quality and cheap materials are slower and tend to soften. As the saying goes, cheap is expensive. To get quality wheels that will roll faster, you need to dig deeper into the pocket. Wheels made of urethane materials are of good quality and have a strong core. These wheels are durable and turn faster as they don’t compress inwards due to the hard materials used. You can check on seismic encore wheels and 63mm seismic booster wheels.

Use Harder Wheels

Soft wheels squash more against the road, absorb more energy and thus turn slowly. On the other hand, harder wheels ricochet and reflect more energy making them turn at a higher speed. While buying a faster disc, choose one with a higher durometer. Additionally, harder wheels are noisier require a smooth surface as they don’t absorb much vibration from the road.

Getting More Aerodynamic

It’s a way of reducing the surface area in contact with the air to minimize resistance while riding. In other words, you get more streamlined and increase your pace. You can do it by bending at the hip or crouching down.

Choose Smoother and Steeper Roads

Rough road surfaces are hectic to ride on. The potholes, bumps will reduce your momentum and slow you down. The best surfaces to ride on are smooth and steep as they increase speed. You also spend less energy to push the board and let it accelerate at the top rate. I am sure this sounds fantastic for you, feeling the airwave at that high speed.

Check Out on Your Bearings

Well maintained bearings will be faster and roll better while those unmaintained and dirty are slow. The dirty ones don’t move smoothly and tend to accumulate so much heat that lends to tearing. You need to clean your bearing and lubricate them for faster speed. Lubricating reduces friction and thus increases speed.  You also spend less effort to push a well-lubricated bearing.

Cleaning the Bearings

  • Remove skateboard wheels
  • Remove bearings and bearings shield
  • Soak bearings in a cleaner

You should use specific bearing cleaners or solvents that are not water-based like acetone. Soak your bearings in a bowl with half-filled acetone for ten minutes to remove the grit.  You can consider using a soft, old toothbrush to scrub a little to remove dirt or bone bearing cleaning kit, which is safer on bearings.

Dry and re-lubricate bearings

Ensure your bearings are fully dry, spinning them also quickens the drying process. You can still dry them using a dryer/ compressed air. Use a specific bearing lubricant like Bronson speed co. Drip 1 to 2 drops of the lube into the bearing and spin it to distribute the grease evenly.

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Spinning helps break up dirt deposits on the bearing’s inner moving parts while doing it hard and fast. Use sufficient amount of bearing oil to get rid of the dirt. Check how long and smoothly the bearing spins before and after applying oil. It is wise not to use WD-40 lube as it makes your bearings wear quickly, dry, and prone to rust. Wipe the excess lube using a rag and not tissue paper because they leave tiny particles behind.

  • Place the shield and mount bearings.

Remove the Spacers

Remove the spacers between the bearings in the center of the wheel to make them faster. The spacer usually braces the bearing and prevent them from breaking. But if you are using quality bearings, you can do without it as its hard for them to break.

Use Quality Bearings

The materials used determines the quality and speed of your bearing. Some bearings have metals and other ceramic materials. Ceramic bearings are smoother than metal ones and have less friction. Also, the ceramic material cools faster, reduces chances of breaking, and hence more durable. You can find ceramic in Bone swiss bearings which are a bit expensive. These bearings roll fast, resist dirt, and are durable.

Avoid Twitching or Shifting Side to Side

For you to achieve the highest speed, consider riding in a straight manner. You will have a faster ride than shifting from side to side.

Check on the Pop-Out Bearings

Bearings can be pushed into the wheel or fail to seat entirely hence popping out. It is not a common issue, but it may happen, especially after installing bearings. These bearings will make your speed to reduce if not well fixed.  You can push down on a wheel and pull on it all directions to ensure the bearings get into place.


If you feel like riding fast, try the above tricks to check which works best in your situation. But you may consider buying quality new wheels and bearings that are automatically fast. Quality wheels will save you the energy of cleaning as they don’t attract dirt and are more durable.