Looking at someone pushing on a skateboard, it seems pretty straightforward until you do it then you realize that you need a bit of technique. This is a common problem that many beginners have, but it is easy enough to learn with the right instruction. You can use different methods depending on what you find easier. The following is a step by step guide on how to push.

Finding the Right Stance

How you stand while on the skateboard will determine your pushing style, and most people only have one reliable technique. The easiest way to do this is by finding your power foot. This is the foot you most likely will use when say you are sliding on a slippery floor or even ice skating. Either has your left foot forward and push with the right or have the right foot front and push with your left. You may have to try both to find the best one for you.

Pushing can be hard on long level or even slightly uphill trips. If you have these often, consider getting an electric skateboard.

Positioning Your Feet Well

There are no two ways about how you can place your foot when pushing. Your foot must lay flat on the board, and the pushing one should be slightly behind. This allows you to have some force that will propel you forward. This is the correct position when you are pushing, and you should be in a sort of walking position. If you just want to ride, for example when going down a slope, your foot should change to lie across the board and the pushing foot slightly under that.

How to Turn When Pushing

When learning how to skate turning is essential since you will often need to use this. There are two easy ways that you can use and improve with time. One way is by leaning in the opposite direction to the side you want to turn. For example, when you want to turn right, you should lean into the left.

The second way is by leaning back and lifting your skateboard then directing it to the direction you want to go. You will need to apply some pressure to the back of the board so you can pop it up. This is slightly more difficult to master so that you will need some practice and lots of balance.

FAQs on How to Push a Skateboard

The following are some questions that you may have about pushing on your skateboard.

Which Foot Do You Push on a Skateboard?

You can use any foot you are comfortable with to push. There are two methods; regular and goofy. The primary way is considered proper, which is when you push with your right foot. However, if you prefer to drive with your left too, it is perfectly acceptable.

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How Do You Balance While Pushing on a Skateboard?

You should push using the ball of your foot and keep your forward foot steady. When you have the pushing foot back on the board, shift the weight to the heel, so you are balanced. Use your arms to gain stability and lean forward while on the skateboard.

When learning how to push on your skateboard, control, and balance is everything since this ensures that you are safe. Always, maintain the correct posture and learn how to stop and even fall correctly just in case of anything.

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