Shrinkwrapping a skateboard allows you to be able to use your skateboard in harsh weather conditions without worrying about water damage. This prevents your deck from cracking or warping. And as a result, it helps to prolong the lifespan of your skateboard.

How To Shrink Wrap A Skateboard

What You Need

First, you need to clean your deck before you begin wrapping the skateboard. This step is not necessary if your deck is brand new. Then you need to take the shrink wrap and wrap it around the deck. If you own a vacuum sealer, proceed to close the edges of the shrink wrap by burning the sides as you would while sealing the food vacuum bags.

Then take the heat gun or your hairdryer and proceed to use it to heat the cling film so that it can adhere to the deck. Do not pass the hairdryer or the heat gun over one area for too long as this may cause the cling film to melt. Also, use the hairdryer at a lower temperature setting. Your primary focus is to blow hot air onto the cling film so that it sticks on the deck.

To vinyl wrap, a skateboard, take the vinyl wrap, and carefully unravel it as you would tape. The place the deck on the wrap and proceed to cover it completely. Use a scraper to remove any air bubbles in the wrap, and once the entire deck is covered, cut off the excess vinyl wrap.

Either wrap option will play a significant role in protecting the bottom of your skateboard from water damage as well as gravel, snow, mud, and other elements.