There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when learning how to ride a skateboard. One is how to do it safely, and the other is how to take care of your board, so you get the best out of it. When learning how to ride safely, you should figure out how to stop on a skateboard once you’re already moving. It ensures that you don’t hit and injure yourself or break your board. As a result, we have compiled these five easy ways to help you learn how to stop on a skateboard.

Jumping Off

This is one of the easiest ways to come to a complete stop, especially if you are not at high speed. It is as easy as jumping off your skateboard as it is still rolling. It is best to do this on relatively flat ground to come to a complete stop and to avoid you having to chase after your skateboard. Never try this method of how to break on a skateboard when going at high speed on a slope as you could injure yourself.

The Foot Brake

If you want a safe and pretty secure way of stopping using the foot breaking method is excellent in most cases. The simplest way to learn how to footbrake on a skateboard is:

  • Put some weight on the foot that is on the board to slow you down.
  • Drag your pedaling foot on the ground, starting from the heel, so you don’t hurt your toes.
  • You should do this a few times to come to a complete stop.

Power Squatting

This is done when you are in a sitting position, and it relies on you putting a lot of your weight on the board. Follow the following steps:

  • Get low into a sitting position as if you want to sit on your board.
  • The best way to do it is balance by grabbing your board and squat using one leg.
  • Ensure that most of your weight is at the front, so you don’t topple over your skating board.
  • Use the other foot to brake, but be careful to maintain balance.

Go Off-Road

As the name suggests, this method requires you to go off the road into grass or bare ground by:

  • Try to slow down using the foot brake, so you have some stability.
  • Ride into some grass or bare ground without leaning back to avoid injury.
  • Jump off the skateboard carefully.

Power Sliding

Many of the above methods of stopping on a skateboard aren’t too great when going downhill, especially for a beginner. However, the power slide works well to halt fast on a skateboard at a relatively high speed. You will need gloves for this one as it involves using your hands as follows:

  • Get into a squatting position, ensuring that you are well balanced on the board.
  • Slow down by using your hands to brake and wait till your wheels are harder.
  • Lay back and stop with the help of your hands.
  • You can make a curve with your board as you stop to bring you to a complete hal properly t.

It is essential to always be at a manageable speed before trying to bring a skateboard to a stop. Anything can go wrong, so always wear protective gear and be keen about any traffic on the road.

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