If you have always yearned to ride a horse, you require to have cowboy boots to ride. Your shoes should be well-fitting for you to ride comfortably. That’s why you need to learn ways of stretching your shoes. There are several methods you use, either from home products or commercial ones. Therefore, you can loosen up cowboy boots using steam, ice bags, stretcher, double socks, etc.

How Can I Stretch My Cowboy Boots at Home?

There are various ways you can use to stretch out cowboy boots. Here is a quick solution that you can follow;  

  • wear the shoes with double pair of socks
  • steam the interior of your boots
  • submerge the boots in the water
  • stretch the shoes with a stretcher
  • use lotion to soften the leather
  • use alcohol and Vaseline to soften the boots
  • Use boot stretch spray and leather conditioners

Tools required

  • Steam
  • Vaseline
  • Boot spray
  • Lotion
  • Alcohol
  • Stretcher
  • Socks

Wear Double Socks

Try put on two pairs of socks when the temperatures are high to make it stretch a bit. The socks provide a slight increase in the dimension of the boot’s toe parts. This method is inexpensive as it requires zero investment if you already have the socks.

Steaming the Boots

  • You require a kettle to boil some water until steam generates. Direct the desired section of your boots to the steam that needs stretching for like 20 seconds.
  • After the timing, check the treated area with fingertips. If the sections feel structures and stable, repeat the treatment procedure for another 20 seconds.
  • After the treatment, check if the treated area is soft, elastic, and warm.
  • Kindly put on the boots until they get dry and conform to your feet.
  • After the boot s dry, apply conditioning products like leather care solution, mink oil.

Soak the Boots in Water

Submerge the boots in water as it acts with the leather pores and softens fibers. The shoes become flexible and fit on perfectly.

  • Fill a bucket, tub, trough with hot water.
  • Be careful the water doesn’t penetrate the inner portion of the boots.
  • After a few minutes, remove the boots from the water. Put on socks with plastic bags on top to reduce the uncomfortable feeling of wetness and wear the boots.
  • Walk with the wet boots around until they stretch and fit on your feet.
  • After the boots dry, apply a boot conditioner that’s best for the boot’s leather.

Using Boot Stretcher

It’s the most convenient and safest way of stretching your boots without compromising the leather quality. The method also takes less time to stretch your boots, unlike the use of steam and soaking.

  • Apply boot stretch spray on the inner side of the boot to relax the fiber.
  • If necessary, you can insert the plugs into their slots before stretching.
  •  Insert the expander toe block into the toe box. Ensure the toe block gets into the terminal end of the toe box.
  • To stretch the boot, turn the handle clockwise so that the block will expand. Repeat the process severally until you achieve the desired stretch.
  • Remove the stretcher by turning the handle anti-clockwise and later pull out the expander slowly.

How to Perfectly Size Your Cowboy Boots

You need to measure the size and width of your feet for you to size your boots. Have your friend trace your feet for you to get the accurate size. Again, ensure you take the measurements when temperatures are cool, as in warm weather, the feet swell and get larger.  

You can either have a friend trace your feet on a sheet of paper like a file folder using a pencil. Later, you should take the drawing measurements and determine the size of the boot as per the boot length chart. If you do the sizing alone, you can position your feet between two solid objects like books and bricks and measure the length between them. Do the same procedure for the width.

How to Break in Cowboy Boots Overnight

There are two methods that you can use to break in cowboy boots overnight;

Dry heat method

  • Take a hairdryer
  • Wear socks to avoid hotfoot.
  • Put on the boots and supply the hot air from eight inches above the leather, focusing on the problematic areas.
  • When the leather gets soft, stop blowing the heat.

Spoon method

  • Take a medium-sized spoon and rub the convex part rigorously on the toe box.
  • Carry on with the process for 20-30 minutes.
  • Ensure you increase friction on the areas that are problematic to get a perfect stretch.

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots Instep

You can use the following methods;

  • Ice bag method
  • Submerged method
  • Use boot stretch spray and let the fluid on the instep’s part.
  • Use of cowboy boot stretcher.

How to Stretch the Shaft of Cowboy Boots

The following methods can help in stretching cowboy boots tight on top of boots;

  • Use a boot calf stretcher.
  • Use stretching spray and wear the boots when they are still wet.
  • Heat method- while wearing the boots with a pair of socks and blow-drying the problematic shaft areas.
  • Stuff up the boots with materials like towels, old newspapers to stretch the shaft.

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots with Alcohol

  • Blend water and rubbing alcohol in a ratio of 1-to 1 parts.
  • Fill up a spray bottle with the mixture and spray the inside parts of the boot.
  • When the boots become saturated, wear it until it gets dry.
  • If you can’t wear it when wet, use a boot stretcher until the boots dry.

How to Get Tight Cowboy Boots On

  • Kindly pay attention to pull tabs; they help you put on the boots smoothly
  • First, put on the forefoot to avoid having trouble when your foot slides to the ankle part.
  • Use boot slip; it’s a smooth plastic bag to help put on the boots.
  • Clean and condition your boots for the leather to be smooth and soft for you to put on.

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Cowboy boots are comfortable shoes to put on when walking or riding. Use the above methods to help in stretching out cowboy boots, and enjoy the experience of wearing them. If you don’t have the commercial products, there are great homemade techniques like steam, ice bag methods, etc.