If you have ever seen a monster truck, you have probably wondered if it is possible to do the same on your skateboard. Think of it as pimping your skateboard, just like they add hydraulics to cars. It may not be a substantial change, but in a skateboard, it makes a huge difference.

The key to a monster skateboard is installing risers. But what do risers do on a skateboard? They raise the height of your skateboard. Risers are hard pieces of plastic pads installed between the trucks and the deck to increase the skateboard height. Thus turning your skateboard into a monster truck equivalent in the skateboard world.

They don’t serve an aesthetic purpose; they also provide a range of skateboarding benefits. Chief among them is the fact that they help to reduce wheel bite. Which in turn, prevents nasty accidents from occurring when your wheels stop rolling due to friction with the skateboard deck while you turn or do a trick. It also saves your wheels from being damaged by the wheel bite.

The skateboard risers also protect your deck from cracking due to constant friction with the trucks. Trucks tend to be made from sturdy material, while decks are made from wood. The trucks may, over time, dig into the wood, causing it to crack. This may also let in moisture that may cause the board to warp and get damaged.

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They also act as shock absorbers when you ride on rougher surfaces or land on hard surfaces. This, in turn, reduces the amount of damage on the board, in the long run, increasing your board’s life span. Angled riser pads make turning a breeze because they enable the board to turn easily.

  1. Do I Need Risers On My Skateboard?

Not necessarily, but it would be beneficial to get them. They are like a protective accessory that helps to prolong the life span of your skateboard while making it more comfortable to use. That said, skateboards with wheels below 55″ will ideally not require risers. Thick of risers as a personal preference skateboard accessory that is a must-have.

  1. How Do You Put Risers On A Skateboard?

Remove the trucks from the deck and attach the risers to the skateboards. Then attach the tricks to the risers. Make sure you tighten the bolts. And measure the trucks to get the right size for your skateboard.

  1. What Size Skateboard Risers Do I Need?

Refer to the table below to find the correct sized risers for your skateboard.

What Size Skateboard Risers Do I Need