Are you new to skateboarding and are having a problem picking the right skateboard for you? If you are looking to perform tricks and participate in skateboard competitions, you need a different type of skateboard, as compared to someone needing a skateboard for transport purposes. And if you fall in the latter category, your best bet would be a cruiser skateboard. So what is a cruiser skateboard?

A cruiser board is designed for cruising, as the name suggests. It is not meant for performing tricks or competitive skating. Its sole purpose is to get you from point A to point B. It merely rolls around. They come in a variety of sizes and materials. Making it impossible to find one that suits your needs.

Cruiser Board Vs. Longboard

Street cruiser skateboards tend to be smaller in size than longboards; they are easy to carry around when not in use. Making them ideal for use as a mode of transport. They also tend to be lighter as they have smaller wheels and trucks. Cruiser boards have a pointed front to cut through the air and a flat deck that makes them more aerodynamic.

They have softer wheels, which makes them more bump friendly for a smoother ride. Due to their aerodynamic design, they tend to pick up speed faster, making them unappealing for performing tricks. Lastly, cruiser skateboard decks are thinner for increased speed, ease of storage, carrying around.

A longboard is the complete opposite of a cruiser board. They tend to have more extended decks and bulkier decks, harder wheels, heavier trucks, blunt front ends, and with a raised nose and tail. Longboards are designed for doing tricks, and their features are meant for aiding this function.

They tend to be longer then cruiser boards, but they can also be used for traveling purposes just like cruiser boards. They have larger wheels than cruiser boards and are ideal for use on smooth and hard surfaces. They also make it easier to perform tricks

Can You Do Tricks On A Cruiser Skateboard?

Yes. You can do basic tricks with a cruiser skateboard. But it may be lacking when it comes to more complicated tricks. It all depends on the design of the deck, among other factors and features.

What Makes A Good Cruiser Skateboard?

A good cruiser board should have a kicktail to make it easier to cut corners and maneuver on a variety of surfaces for a smoother ride. You should also get one with a lightweight yet responsive deck.

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The deck used to make on a good quality cruiser skateboard should be water-resistant. You can opt for one made from treated wood or one made from plastic. The deck should also be concave shaped for more comfortable cruising.

Also, look into getting one with a gripped surface. If not, you can always get a grip tape or a spray-on grip. Lastly, ensure the wheels are designed to ride on rough surfaces.