If you are a new surfer or an amateur surfer, you have probably wondered when would be the best time of day to surf. The reason being you have not mastered the waves yet, and the wipeouts are beginning to take a toll and make you think you are probably never going to master surfing.

Thankfully, it is much easier to master surfing than you think – if you practice and catch the waves at the right time. You need to know the best surfing season of your favorite surfing spot as well as the surf tide chart, and you are good to go.

For starters, the moon’s position as well as the winds, lead to different surfing seasons depending on the geographical location. Secondly, most surfing spots and blogs have a surf tide chart that enables you to determine what days would be best for you to surf.

Is It Better To Surf At High Or Low Tide?

Ideally, it is better to surf in the high tide as low tides tend to drain waves faster. Which means you do not get to enjoy the stream before it deflates. But on the other hand, an excessively high tide can make the surfing experience insufferable as the waves will crush into themselves instead of breaking from top to bottom.

What Is The Best Time To Surf For Beginners?

This will depend on the surfer. Some may prefer surfing in the morning, while others may prefer to surf in the evening. Additionally, surf tides vary from location to location. In this case, the surf tide chart will come in handy in scheduling a surfing session. But if you are still learning how to surf. It is advisable to surf in the afternoon when the tide is low, making the waves more manageable.

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Is It Better To Surf In The Morning Or Afternoon?

Seasoned surfers prefer to surf in the morning for two reasons. Number one, there are fewer people to compete with for waves number two. The morning wind tends to deliver perfect waves that are neither choppy or flat. Not to forget the fact that surfing in the morning tends to be a mood booster. On account of the early morning sun proven to have significant health benefits.

Can You Surf In The Evening?

Yes, you can. But this is dependent on several factors. Chief among them is the amount of light available. Lack of light will make it impossible for you to see the waves coming. Which means you will not be able to catch them. Other than that, just like dawn surfing, dusk surfing is also better than daytime surfing.